Marseille Soaps

Lothantique French milled Marseille soap contains a subtle blend of olive oil from High Provence and Shea Butter. This unique combination of ingredients is moisturising and rich - perfect for every skin type. It cleanses gently, and leaves skin delicately perfumed.

The Marseille Soap Collection - La Collection de Savon

Colourful cellophane-wrapped square Marseille soap bars in fifteen sumptuous fragrances:

Citrus, Donkey Milk, Vanilla, Verbena, Olive, Violet, Honey, White Musk, White Tea, Amber, Tiaré, Sweet Almond, Mint Lemon (NEW), Lavender (NEW) and Orange Blossom (NEW).

The Soap Counter – La Comptoir à Savon de Marseille” - NEW

This new collection of Marseille soaps is a subtle alchemy of shea butter and sumptuous fragrances.

The Liquid soaps are made from a vegetable base formula which is naturally rich in glycerine. They are enriched in olive oil and grafruit extract and have a 95% biodegradable formula.

The solid soap bars are made to strict Marseille standards and is also enriched in olive oil from high Provence and grapefruit extract. Each soap is paper-wrapped, and they will leave your skin gently perfumed.

Six delicately perfumed fragrances:

Citrus, Argan, Sweet Almond, Aloe Vera, Donkey Milk and Olive.

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