Lothantique cherishes its philosophy of uniting tradition and modernism and applying the practices of Haute-Provence to current advances in technology and skin care. Lothantique home, bath and body fragrances are highly regarded in France and many other Countries across the globe. Lothantique products are formulated with environmental consciousness. By using recyclable packaging, tracking wastes and respecting nature, both plant and animal life, Lothantique aspires to a ‘green culture’. All products are perfumed with a fragrance that meets the latest IFRA regulations and are formulated with no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no PEG, no mineral oils, no silicone and no EDT. Finished products are not tested on animals.

Understanding your Lothantique fragrances better

A fragrance is a combination obtained through bringing together raw materials or simple notes. The harmony of such a combination depends on the balance and olfactory intensity of each note. A fragrance is composed of three moments in its life: top, heart and base, in relation to the volatility of the components. As you explore the different ranges from Lothantique, you will learn about the different notes that bring each unique fragrance to life.