Exfoliating body care range

These two products are the perfect match for anyone’s skin. A first of its kind for Compagnie de Provence; the best-selling Exfoliating liquid Marseille soap and the very popular Natural Sea Sponges.

Exfoliating Liquid Marseille Soap

  • Designed to clean and exfoliate body and hands in a single, simple step.

  • Made with ground olive stones from olives harvested in the Mediterranean Basin.

  • A sparkling citrus fragrance with natural orange essence.

  • Dermatologically tested and can be used every day to restore softness, comfort and radiance to the skin.

  • Available in two sizes: 500 ml Glass bottle and 300 ml Plastic bottle.

  • Min 98% ingredients of Natural Origin.

Natural Sea Sponge

  • Our sponges are selected and harvested in the Caribbean Sea with the greatest respect for the seabed.

  • Carefully hand-collected by divers without pulling them up so that the base remains intact and each sponge has the ability to quickly regenerate.

  • 100% natural and biodegradable.

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