La Bonne Maison

La Bonne Maison is a range that offers a rich palette of fine and varied fragrances. It evoked sensations of real happiness and pure emotions, and is stylishly packaged in matt black glass with chic lines and accent colours to depict each fragrance.


Sandalwood, Tiaré Flower, Mimosa in Bloom, Pine Needles, White Tea, Cotton Flower, Spicy Orange, Magnolia, Flowers of Japan, Lemon Verbena, Vanilla (NEW), Patchouli (NEW)

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White Tea

  • Top notes: Pepper

Spicy Orange

  • Top notes: Orange

Tiaré Flower

  • Top notes: Ylang Ylang

Mimosa in Bloom

  • Top notes: Mimosa

Cotton Flower

  • Top notes: Rose

Lemon Verbena

  • Top notes: Citrus

Flowers of Japan

  • Top notes: Mandarin

Pine Needles

  • Top notes: Pine


  • Top notes: Spice


  • Top notes: Sage


  • Top notes: Mandarin

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